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Since 1976, when Ron Shaver began engine development for his first sprint car engine, Shaver Racing Engines
has grown in stature to become one of the premier high performance circle track engine builders in the country.

The Shaver family has been invoiced in racing since the ’30’s when Offenhauser racing engines came to them for
manufacturing and machining, and continuing through the ’50’s with drag racing engine work for Drake Engineering.

Doing all machine work in-house assures quality.

The floor is clean enough to eat from.  But, sorry, no food allowed in the clean room.

Shaver Racing is the only independent engine builder in the country to use in-house CNC technology on all racing applications.

Two Heenan-Froude dynamometers.

Check out the extreme hi-port 12º Pro Action SBC head. Flow numbers tell only part of the story.

Very clean porting room. Dennis (hiding behind camera) is one of the best cylinder head specialists in the country.